The 6 Most Comfortable Types of Chairs for the Dining Room

Where is your and your family’s most favorite spot at home? Surely one answer is the dining room, right? Family togetherness at the dinner table is one of the moments for various treasured stories. Especially after a day of activities outside the house, gathering with family at the dining table becomes irreplaceable. To support the comfort of all family members, dining chairs and tables are absolute pieces of furniture that must be in the dining room. However, did you know that there are many types of dining chairs? The choice of chairs will also give a different impression to a dining room, you know. Want to know what types of dining chairs you can choose? Here comes the reference.

1. The Eames chair

Have you ever seen this chair? The Eames chair is getting more and more popular lately because of its contemporary design. But did you know if it turns out that this chair is the first classic chair in the world that was …

7 Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Dining Room Carpet

Carpets can be an easy solution to give a new mood or look to a room, including the dining room. Moreover, the dining room is always the main room in the house where the whole family gathers. Even though it is rarely applied, the use of carpets in the dining room can make the interior look more attractive and at the same time seem like new. Before starting to install a dining room rug, there are some rules that you must pay attention to so that you don’t choose the wrong one. Anything?

1. Pay attention to the size of the carpet

For the dining room, the carpet will of course be placed at the bottom of the dining table set. For that, you must make sure you choose a carpet that is larger than the size of the table. In fact, try to choose a carpet width that exceeds …

Get to know Furniture from Artistic Used Wooden Pallets

Quality and beautiful furniture are not always synonymous with exorbitant prices. Nowadays, many types of attractive furniture are made from recycled materials. One that can be your choice is furniture from used wood pallets that are economical and artistic.

So far, have you used furniture made of wood pallets to complete your favorite house? If you really want to save budget , don’t hesitate to use this wood material. Pallet wood is no less attractive as a quality furniture material that looks special.

What Are Wooden Pallets?

1 wooden pallet

A wooden pallet is a wooden frame arrangement which is usually formed into a base or crate for transporting goods. The use of wooden pallets is intended to protect the goods to be sent from being broken, damaged, or deformed during the shipping process. In general, wooden pallets are a type of hardwood that comes from the rambutan tree. However, there are also those who make pallet frames …

6 types of TV tables that are the best choice for the family room

Surely you have a television at home? Television has become the main entertainment medium in all Indonesian homes. Currently, the models of television are increasingly diverse. Some are placed on the table or even against the wall . However, the table-top TV model is still more widely used. Various sizes of television also make you need to choose the right type of table.

Lots of designs, types, materials to TV table models that you can choose according to your needs at home. In fact, there is also a TV table that has other functions such as placing books or others. So, so that you don’t choose the wrong choice and the TV table can suit your needs, first consider the following tips.

1. TV table according to the size of the room

Adjust the type of TV table with the area of ​​the room

Source: seattletimes

Before buying a table, it is very important to think about the size of the room. Do not let …