4 DIY Floral Decoration Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Beautiful

Want to make the house look more pleasing to the eye? One way to make your home interior more beautiful and sweet, you can apply DIY decoration ideas with a floral or flower theme. The use of decorations in the house not only makes the house look livelier, but decorations can also help highlight the theme of the house and the personality of the owner.

Therefore, it is important for you to pay attention to what decorations you want to display in your home that match your personality as the home owner. You don’t have to buy it, you can also make it yourself with easy floral decoration creations with the following DIY ways or ideas.

1. Beautiful Flower Hangers

DIY floral decoration, pretty flower hanger

Want to make a beautiful wall decoration from flowers? You can arrange the flowers into a curtain like this. Adjust the type of flower with your favorite flower. You can choose the flower color …